My Top 3 Graffiti locations in Granada

Hey Granada Traveller and Street Art Lovers!

Attention! I want to share with you the 3 best places to see beautiful Street Art in Granada, Spain.

***To find all Street Art in Granada please take a look at the
Granada Graffiti Map

Granada is not just famous for the cities landmark, the Alhambra, but also for the amazing Street Art. I know: Everyone has a different taste. Accordingly I want to guide you to the three locations in Granada, where definitely everyone will find a motive she or he likes.

    • Autovía Sierra Nevada-Costa Tropical

      Between the park Huerta de san Vincente and the Autovía Sierra Nevada-Costa Tropical there is a cycle path. Along this path you can find numerous great Graffiti’s. Please find the exact location of the drawings in the Map blow.

      Impressions from this location:

    • Ctra. de la Sierra

      Along the Ctra. de la Sierra are 3 stairways decorated with several Graffiti’s. These stairways are all in a walking distance of a few hundred meters. What I like the most about these Graffiti’s is the composition of all the motives together creating some kind of a collage.

      Impressions from this location:

    • Cuesta del Caidero

      At the corner where Calle Molinos and Cuesta del Caidero meet, you can find some pretty nice Graffiti’s. Here are many completely different motives and styles of Graffiti next to each other. So at this place, I am sure, everybody will find an Art piece she or he likes.

      Impressions from this location:


Map: Top 3 Granada Graffiti locations

Here you can find the location of the Graffiti’s in this post.

To find all the Street Art in Granada please take a look at the Granada Graffiti Map.


7 thoughts on “My Top 3 Graffiti locations in Granada

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  1. Granada is famous for its Graffiti and its amazing to have a precise map that shows them. The map is very accurate and it helped me a lot during my visit. Thank you very much and well done!


    1. Thank you Fabiana. Thats what I want to do: help people find the best Street Art in Granada.
      Please take a look in the Granada Graffiti Map to find all the Street Art in Granada.


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